Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Card #53 - Greg Gross

The Card
Happy 2019, everyone!  It's that time of year for resolutions, and mine is pretty evident with this post - blog more consistently this year!

I'm still finishing off the 1982 set, I just haven't been updating you on the progress.  I'm trying to do better this year!

So here we have Greg Gross, and my immediate reaction as a collector from the 80's is...where are his glasses??  I loved Gross and his nice batting averages year in and year out.  He didn't swing for much power, which is why I'm guessing he became more of the pinch-hitting type. 

Also...what's going on with his batting helmet?  It looks like he just got back from an intense round of paint ball.

The Story
I got this bad boy at my local shop.

The Price
Pretty much the standard $0.15.

The Condition
It's nice and crisp but you can see it's badly cut at the top and that the color printing was struggling with the maroon color of Gross' helmet.

The Verdict
I'm as carefree about this card as the bangs poking below Greg's helmet.  Welcome back!

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