Saturday, June 16, 2018

Card #52 - Larry Andersen

The Card
Here's a fun one!  Larry Andersen, the longtime journeyman reliever, wearing the powder blue uniform of the Seattle Mariners.  If you're like me you forgot he ever played on Seattle.  Though he's most remembered as the player traded to the Red Sox for future Hall of Famer Jeff Bagwell, he was an outstanding bullpen arm and pitched into his 40's.  Plus, he has a legendary sense of humor and still broadcasts games today.

(That's Yankee Stadium in the background, right?)

The Story
I rescued this one from the commons bin at my card shop.

The Price

The Condition
The corners and edges are quite sharp, but as  you can partially tell by the scan, the card has "yellowed" over time.

The Verdict
Powder blue and gold uniform and a mustache for days...what's not to love?!


  1. I miss those old powder blue's teams used to wear.

    BTW, I'm always curious to see if a card's photo can be narrowed down to a date. So I had to do a little research. According to Baseball-Reference, the M's were only in NY for 2 games in '81. May 16 & 17. Andersen pitched on the 16th (a night game).

    1. Well done!!! I guess the strike maybe cut short another road trip?

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