Friday, March 9, 2018

Card #51 - Chicago Cubs Future Stars

The Card
Ooh, it's another "Future Stars" card!  This time it features the Chicago Cubs.  Two out of the three guys on this card were nothing close to a major league star.  Carlos Lezcano had already played his last game at the MLB level when this card was printed and, minus a couple of cups of coffee in 1982 and 1987, Ty Waller was done too.

That leaves Jay Howell, who was an honest to goodness star, though not for the Cubbies.  He became a standout closer for the Oakland A's before joining the Dodgers for their magical World Series run in 1988.  Howell would pitch in fifteen big league seasons and make three All-Star teams, so Topps batted .333 on this card.

The Story
There's no mistaking it - the grubby corners, the faded picture...this is an original card in my collection!

The Price
Free - thanks Dad!

The Condition
Let's just say it's "broken in."

The Verdict
1982 Topps were my first ever cards, but it wasn't until later in the 1980's that I fully immersed myself into the hobby.  I remember pulling this card out of my common's bin more than once, hoping Beckett had finally listed it in their price guide.  That never happened, but I do love my first gen cards just the same.

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