Saturday, April 29, 2017

Card #40 - Dave Parker

The Card
Here we have one of the more iconic cards in the set...THE COBRA!  Helmet tilted back, bat on shoulder, leaning on the batting cage during BP, this dude knew he was THE MAN.

The Story
I couldn't find this one at my local card shop, so it was part of my first ever order from COMC.

The Price
I payed a cool $1.00, plus the S/H.

The Condition
It's a little rough around the edges with some corner dings.  I would say, as I've seen with some of the 1982's, it isn't the clearest print quality either.  For some reason you can  have two cards of the same player in the 1982 set and you'll swear you're looking at two different versions even though they're supposed to be the same.

The Verdict
I feel like Parker's popularity is retroactively growing.  His drug issues and suspensions blurred the fact this dude was one of the best hitter's in MLB history.  My prayers go out to him as he bravely fights Parkinson's.

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  1. Printing seemed to be a big issue in the '82 set, I don't know why.