Saturday, April 1, 2017

Card #38 - Charlie Lea

The Card
Here's a smart looking card for the late, great, Charlie Lea, a  Montreal legend and a fine pitcher.

You have to love this card, Lea appears to be warming up pregame along the third base line.  In the distance you see the old Candlestick scoreboard advertising the game's start time.  If my detective work is accurate, this is probably from the game on May 16, 1981.  Lea pitched a four hit shutout.  But that was actually a bit of a letdown compared to his previous outing.  On May 10, 1981, he no-hit that same Giants team, but in Montreal for that battle.

The Story
Another common's box rescue effort.

The Price

The Condition
I can't find a thing wrong with it.

The Verdict
This card must induce nightmares anytime a Giant from the 1981 team sees it!

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