Sunday, March 19, 2017

Card #37 - Dan Graham

The Card
You have already heard me say this a dozen times, and you'll only read it a few dozen more, but I am a huge Orioles fan.  They are my team.  Adam Jones robbing Manny Machado last night gave me all the feels.  I love the O's!

Prior to obtaining Dan Graham...I'd never heard of him.  This is a fairly weird experience for me.  Back when ESPN ran their classic fantasy baseball leagues I played with a group of guys and we each had a team we would draft from, and I of course chose the Orioles/Browns, so I got very familiar with their obscure (cheap) players to round out my recruits.  Dan Graham, you escaped my notice!

The Story
I found this lost Oriole in the common's box at my local shop.

The Price

The Condition
It's crisp but not a well-centered cut.

The Verdict
I'm so excited to have a new Oriole card I could take my shirt the guy over Graham's shoulder!

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