Sunday, March 19, 2017

Card #37 - Dan Graham

The Card
You have already heard me say this a dozen times, and you'll only read it a few dozen more, but I am a huge Orioles fan.  They are my team.  Adam Jones robbing Manny Machado last night gave me all the feels.  I love the O's!

Prior to obtaining Dan Graham...I'd never heard of him.  This is a fairly weird experience for me.  Back when ESPN ran their classic fantasy baseball leagues I played with a group of guys and we each had a team we would draft from, and I of course chose the Orioles/Browns, so I got very familiar with their obscure (cheap) players to round out my recruits.  Dan Graham, you escaped my notice!

The Story
I found this lost Oriole in the common's box at my local shop.

The Price

The Condition
It's crisp but not a well-centered cut.

The Verdict
I'm so excited to have a new Oriole card I could take my shirt the guy over Graham's shoulder!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Page #4

My favorite card on this page:
I thought I would say Tom Seaver, but I gotta go...GENE GARBER!

My least favorite card on this page:
Jerry Morales.  Or should I say, Jerry Morales' uniform.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

100 Words!

Robert over at $30 a week offered free cards for 100 words.  These are those words!

He attacked big names on my want list, including Lynn Nolan Ryan.  Oooh…rainbows.

Carney Lansford is underrated.  That dude could hit!

Ozzie.  The Wizard!  This was his last card in the brown and yellow.  He somehow makes it look good.

What’s that?  Another Hall of Famer?  Robert, you killed it with this package!  The older I get the more I like Mike Schmidt. 

Bringing up the rear we have Pete Rose…in action.  I don’t like Pete Rose, but I like his cards.

Thanks Robert!!!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Card #36 - Texas Rangers Team Leaders

The Card
Here we are with our first team leaders card for the 1982 set, and I'm kind of in love with it.  My dad was a pilot in the Air Force when I was a kid, and we were stationed just north of Dallas/Ft. Worth in the early 80's, so this era of Rangers uniforms sparks distinct memories.  I know for a fact I used to own wristbands with that glorious old-school Texas logo with the cowboy hat.

This is a fun pairing, too.  Al Oliver, who has to be one of the most underrated players in MLB history, is rocking a gold chain and a million dollar smile...and the powder blue away uniform!  To his left is George "Doc" Medich, a veteran starter with a steely gaze.  And they're both making those mesh-backed trucker hats look good.  The flip side of the card serves as a team checklist for the set, and includes the players card and uniform numbers.  Al Oliver's jersey number?  "Zero" of course - big O!

The Story
This was in the commons bin at my local card shop.

The Price

The Condition
Very good, minus a corner ding in the lower left side of the card.

The Verdict
Topps needs to bring these team leader cards back!