Sunday, February 26, 2017

Card #35 - Willie Aikens

The Card
Here's a sweet shot of the once promising superstar, Willie Aikens.  The lefty slugger was a rising star in the early 80's until his drug use ran him out of baseball.  To his credit he's used those travails as a warning to others about the dangers of drugs and addiction.

 I have to say, I love this photo.  Sun gleaming off the helmet but causing shadows across the face...batting cage in the background...all the blues blending together.  Gorgeous!  This is also the first Kansas City Royals card on the blog.

The Story
Yet another find in the commons box at my local card shop.

The Price

The Condition
Very good, minus a slight imperfection under the bill of his helmet (you can't tell by the scan).

The Verdict
Another worthy addition to the 1982 set.

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