Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Card #29 - Dwayne Murphy

The Card
Sweet yellow jerseys!  Batting cages!  Ear flaps!  Folks, Dwayne Murphy is looking gooood on this card.  Murphy was a bit ahead of his time as a player - I remember him as a good glove center fielder who could hit for power and draw some walks, though his batting average typically wasn't that flashy.  He had some speed too, though he wasn't bumping Rickey Henderson out of the lead-off spot.  This also marks the first A's card of the set.

The Story
You can probably tell from the scan all the wear and tear on this card.  That can only mean one thing - Original Collection!  That's right, Mr. Murphy has been with me since I was seven years old.

The Price
Free - thanks Dad!

The Condition
Besides the expected damage a second grader would inflict, the card isn't centered well.  But those fuzzy corners and creases mean it has been well loved.

The Verdict
It's nearly impossible not to smile looking at this card.  Might be my favorite one on the page.

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