Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Card #27 - Tom Herr

The Card
Ooh baby, this is a sweet card.  TOM HERR!  I know Ozzie got all the glory for the Cardinal middle infield, but you have to give it up for his double play partner.  This card is nearly perfect.  No batting gloves?  Check.  Flap-less helmet?  Check.  Examining the bat to see if he broke it?  BIG CHECK.

My parents are from St. Louis so I grew up with a soft spot for the Cards, and Herr might have been my favorite.  I mean besides Willie McGee.  And Ozzie.  And Sutter.  But Herr is right up there.  Those 1980's Cardinals team were so fun...

The Story
God's honest truth, this was just sitting in the commons box at my local shop.  A hidden gem.

The Price

The Condition
One of the best in my binder.  The only issue might be that it's slightly off-center.

The Verdict
Seriously, maybe one of the coolest looking cards in the set.  But in his upcoming binder page battle, he has to go up against the Ripken rookie.  Eek!


  1. The 1980s Cardinals were fun until right around 1985 ... and then they were jerks, forever.

  2. lol - glad you aren't bitter!