Saturday, December 31, 2016

Card #24 - Dave Frost

The Card
Now introducing Dave Frost, our first California Angel in the Topps set.  And yes, I said "California."  Not "Southern California and greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area which may or may not include San Diego here in Anaheim, and by Anaheim we really mean Orange County, JK, just wear our hat instead of Dodger blue" Angels.  Just go back to "California" already, Angels!  Your current geographic title is just silly.

The Story
I got this at my local card shop, though I swear I owned it before.  I wonder if it was in my brother's collection...

The Price

The Condition
Topps would have a hard time finding a better conditioned card to put a foil stamp on and place back in their packs to celebrate some random anniversary.  But the picture is blurry - not sure if that's all Dave Frost cards or if I just have a bum copy.

The Verdict
Insert some clever pun for the last name Frost here - I'm suffering brain freeze right now.  #seewhatididthere?

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