Saturday, December 17, 2016

Card #23 - Willie Hernandez

The Card
I know Hernandez played six and a half seasons with the Cubs, so the denizens of Chicago aren't shocked by this uniform, but I lived for several years in southeast Michigan...where Willie is a LEGEND for his role with the World Series winning Detroit Tigers in 1984.  That "c" on his cap is cute and all, but he'll always wear the old English "D" in my mind's eye.

The Story
I was giddy to find this in the commons box at my card shop.  That's the 1984 MVP!  He pitched 140 innings that year - ALL IN RELIEF!  WITH A 1.92 E.R.A.!!!

The Price

The Condition
I can't find a thing wrong with it.

The Verdict
Did I mention his three All-Star teams, and the Cy Young award too?  No?  Yeah, Willie is the man.