Monday, December 12, 2016

Card #22 - Jim Beattie

The Card
Your eyes do not deceive you - that is indeed our first Mariners card on the blog!

But that isn't the most majestic thing about it, not by a long shot.  No, you've got Seattle's best logo in a history of terrible logos combined with a spring training trucker hat. Every Mariner fan in the country would be happy to get one of those under the tree this Christmas!

The Story
I lived in Seattle in the mid-80's, so Jim Beattie is right in my sentimental wheelhouse.  But even better, this card is part of my original collection!  That's right, I've toted it around for almost 35 years.  It even survived my common cards purge of 2002.  Oh to have all those 1991 Donruss cards back...

The Price
Free - thanks Dad!

The Condition
Like most of my original cards from 1982, you can tell a kid beat it up pretty well over the years.  The scan didn't pick it up well, but there are multiple creases and the corners are more circular than angular.

The Verdict
Jim Beattie is looking in at the sign in the picture...and that sign must be, "cool card, off-speed, inside corner."

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