Sunday, November 20, 2016

Card #17 - Darrell Evans

The Card
Oh man do I love Darrell Evans!  The longevity of his career, the home runs, the walks, '84 Tigers...his list of positive attributes goes on for days.  And I haven't even mentioned the time he signed a card for me as a kid while I was hanging on the rail at old Arlington Stadium.  Darrell Evans loves children - he's a man of the people!

Check out this posed but sweet picture, too.  Arm on knee, other hand using the bat for balance.  That's a strong look.  That million dollar smile ain't shabby either.  As you can tell, I likethiscardalot.

The Story
I found this one in the common's bin (!!!) at my local card shop.

The Price
I think I paid a bit more than common price but I don't recall exactly.  Maybe $0.25?

The Condition

The Verdict
I like this card so much I made it part of the background montage for the blog.

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