Saturday, November 19, 2016

Card #16 - Steve Comer

The Card
You can't see it too clearly, but that Rangers font on the front of the jersey sure brings back memories.  I lived a couple of hours north of Arlington in the early eighties, and my first ever game was the Rangers.  I remember getting wristbands at the ballpark and that font being on them.  Nostalgia!

Look closely too - pretty sure that's a mesh-backed trucker's cap, a classic indicator that Steve Comer snapped this pic at Spring Training.  That shouldn't be surprising, since most of these cards come from Spring Training shots...

The Story
One of the many cards I've picked up in the common's box at Bankston's.

The Price

The Condition
Pretty close to perfect - my scanner couldn't pick up the right or bottom edges.

The Verdict
It's fun to have the first Texas Rangers card on the blog...but this is about as generic as it gets.

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