Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Card #14 - Steve Howe

The Card
So many mixed emotions whenever you look at a Steve Howe card.  The brilliant reliever derailed soon after his 1982 season and never quite got back on track, including his eventual death by car accident in 2006.  He had meth in his system according to toxicology reports.

The 1982 cards are also known for their "autographs," and I couldn't help but notice Steve's signature uses a thicker pen than most of the others.

The Story
If current card culture was the same in 1982 as it is today, I'd bet this would have been a highly coveted card.  But alas, I found it in the commons box at my local card shop.

The Price

The Condition
It's a bit off-center but in otherwise excellent condition.

The Verdict
Rest in Peace, Steve.

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