Sunday, November 6, 2016

Card #13 - Lamar Johnson

The Card
I wrote about this once on my 1988 Topps blog, but I LOVE these 1980's warm-up jackets.  When I played little league back then I was on the White Sox, and I remember how cool it was when we got one in addition to the standard jersey they passed out.

This is a fun, candid shot of the former first sacker for the Pale Hose.  Johnson would be out of baseball as a player after the 1982 season but had a long career after that as a hitting instructor at the minor and major league level.

The Story
I bought this at my local card shop this year, but I swore I used to own it as a kid.  I'm wondering if it was in my brother's collection?

The Price

The Condition
This card is just about perfect.  Crisp, centered, it's in great shape.

The Verdict
You had me at "warm-up jacket."

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