Friday, October 21, 2016

Card #9 - Ron Guidry

The Card
Break out your po' boys and cajun slang, because we've got the original Louisiana Lightning, the Gator...Ron Guidry!  Look at that lefty - he's rocking forward, ready to strikeout another batter for the bayou!

Injuries cut short what looked like a possible Hall of Fame career, but Guidry certainly left his mark on the game: 2 World Series rings, a Cy Young Award (1978), 4 All-Star games, and 5 Gold Gloves.  That's a heck of a trophy case.

The Story
For the first time on this blog we're featuring a card from my ORIGINAL COLLECTION!  That's right - the 1982 Topps cards were my very first as a 7 year old collector, and I've held onto this Guidry card for almost 35 years!

The Price
Free - thanks Dad!!!

The Condition
Let's be honest, this card looks like it was originally given to a 7 year old kid in 1982.  All of the corners are fuzzy, there are multiple creases in the lower half of the card...and I love it.  It's what a card should look like after three decades of handling!

The Verdict
This is a gorgeous looking card of a star of the game - nobody can deny this!

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