Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Card #7 - Scott Sanderson

The Card
It's our first "normal" card!  Scott Sanderson was a heck of a workhorse - he pitched in 19 MLB seasons.  He bounced around a bit from team to team in the latter half of his career (did you know he was an AL All-Star for the Yankees?) but I always think of him in a Cubs jersey.

The Story
I picked up this card during my first visit to the local card shop here in town - Bankston's.  It's a nerd's paradise.  I have to limit my visits to 20 minute increments for fear of losing my life's savings.

The Price
$0.15.  The guy behind the card counter uses an annual vintage price guide, and fifteen cents is the going rate for common cards.  I bought a lot of them at this price but I need to haggle him down to ten the next time I'm in there.

The Condition
Pretty terrific, just a slight fuzzy corner in the lower left.

The Verdict
I'm not sure how the Expos ended up with purple and green as their hockey stick color, but somehow, it works.

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