Saturday, October 1, 2016

Card #6 - Fernando Valenzuela Highlight

The Card
This is the final Highlight card of the set, and it's a beauty.  1981 was the first year of "Fernandomania" and this card celebrates his eighth shutout of the year.  I believe that's still tied for the modern day record, though George Bradley of the 1876 St. Louis team had twice as many with 16.

I watched the "30 for 30" on Valenzuela just a couple of days before acquiring this card, which was a fun coincidence.  I recommend the film.  I learned a lot about the upheaval the Latino community in Los Angeles suffered during the construction of Dodger Stadium.

The Story
I actually have two copies of this card now.  I had found one at my local card shop, but a second copy came in the mail with the other five Highlights.

The Price
I'll go with the eBay cost - $1.11.

The Condition
It's basically mint.  Thin, crisp, undamaged.

The Verdict
You'll be hard pressed to find a better action shot in the set!  Screwball moving forward, right leg kicking dirt, Fernando grimacing, and a little Wrigley Field ivy to give it a perfect splash of color!  It's a very cool card.

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