Monday, October 31, 2016

Card #12 - Moose Haas

The Card

Haas reminds most Brewers fans of a certain era in their history, especially that magical 1982 team that almost won it all.

The Story
Just another card from my first stack of commons from my local card shop.  The Brewers' hockey stick colors blend well with their uniforms.  And God bless the logo on this hat - I still remember my mind being BLOWN when my dad pointed out it was an "M" and a "B."

The Price

The Condition
Could be better...not exactly centered well, and the bottom two corners used to be sharper.

The Verdict
I wish I knew what Moose was looking at.  Check out the signature though - he was Moose through and through.  Or should I say "threw and threw"?   HAH!  Get it!?!?!  ....'cause he's a pitcher?  No?  Shut up?  Ok.

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