Thursday, October 27, 2016

Card #10 - Ron Guidry in action

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The Card
What's this?  Two Guidry cards in a row?!  Topps was padding its set with superstars in 1982, and this here piece of cardboard represents our first "in action" shot.  It's not a bad picture of Guidry moving his flame-throwing left arm towards home plate.  The back of the card features some of his highlights from all-star, championship series, and world series games.

The Story
This card too is from my first ever packs of cards.  I remember having a vague sense that if a player had an "in action" card, it meant they must be good.  In fact, Guidry and Dave Concepcion were the only two players back in 1982 that I had both cards for.

The Price
Free - thanks Dad!

The Condition
Like my other Guidry card, it looks like it's been handled by an unappreciative 7 year old more than once.

The Verdict
As with all the 1982's I received that calendar year, it holds a special place in my heart.

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