Thursday, September 29, 2016

Card #5 - Nolan Ryan Highlight

The Card
This 1982 set had stellar "highlight" cards, but this one might take the cake!  Nolan gets the love and recognition for his record fifth no-hitter.  Of course, Nolan would go on to break his own record two more times.  I can't imagine anyone in 1981 would have believed you if you told them his SEVENTH no-no would come TEN YEARS LATER!

Check out Ryan's hat in this picture.  That's right, it's mesh-backed, just like a trucker.  Somehow that fits Nolan's personality perfectly.

The Story
Same as before - part of my eBay purchase.  I like  having this card.  Nolan is my brother's favorite player, so many of my Ryan cards from my youth got traded to him in return for Eddie Murray or Cal Ripken.

The Price

The Condition
You can tell from the scan - this card is in rough shape.  Dinged corners, discoloration on the white borders...I was disappointed when I unwrapped it.

The Verdict
Bad condition and a vanilla pose in the picture aren't enough to detract from the awesomeness that is owning a Nolan Ryan card!

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