Monday, September 19, 2016

Card #3 - Tim Raines Highlight

The Card
Here's a sweet looking action shot of rookie sensation Tim Raines, who stole 71 bases in his first full season in the big leagues.  But that's a bit misleading.  Between the strike and injuries, he only appeared in 88 games.  How many would he have stolen in a full, healthy season that year!?!

Raines didn't hold this record for long.  Vince Coleman would register 110 in 1985.  Raines did retire with one of the best career percentages in successful swipes, though, and is in the top five in total steals too.

The Story
Like the other "Highlights," I got this one via eBay.  But I noticed something for the first time tonight.  I wasn't sure how Topps picked the order of the Highlight cards, but I now know it wasn't random.  It's alphabetical!  Carlton, Davis, Raines, Rose, Ryan, and Valenzuela.

The Price

The Condition
It's pretty crisp - great condition.  If I'm being nitpicky, the color is ever-so-slightly faded.

The Verdict
He should be in the Hall of Fame, shouldn't he?  I wish they would have used a picture of him stealing a base for this card.

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