Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Card #2 - Ron Davis Highlight

The Card
Here we have the bespectacled Ron Davis, honored for his historic relief appearance against the Angels on May 4, 1981.  The game was in California, so we know the card doesn't feature a photograph from the actual game.  But on that date Davis mowed down eight Angels in a row, by strikeout, a record for a reliever.

This is a record, to my knowledge, which still stands.  Davis actually tied the American League mark for consecutive strikeouts be it starter or reliever, though Doug Fister surpassed it with nine in 2012.

I love the picture on this card.  The fist pump after an assumed strikeout.  Great choice by Topps to mark the occasion.

The Story
I grabbed a copy of this from my local card store in the commons boxes, but also received one as part of the 1981 Highlights set I bought on eBay.  The picture you're seeing here on the post is the eBay copy - the cut was much more centered on it.

The Price
The same as my Steve Carlton and the next four highlights - $1.11.

The Condition
Minus the ink splotch on the "8" in 1981, this card is in immaculate condition, at least to my untrained eyes.

The Verdict
Not only does this card look cool and feature a somewhat random ballplayer, it's a record that still stands!  And the way relief pitchers are used in today's game, I don't see Davis losing his grip on that claim to fame anytime soon.


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  2. Fans 8 straight in relief... lanky (former) Yankee... that could be Andrew Miller 35 years early.

    All right! Another year blog to follow. Hope you go all the way through, and good luck collecting!