Monday, September 12, 2016

Card #1 - Steve Carlton Highlight

The Card
It's finally here!  Landing spot numero uno in the Topps set is a big deal, and you can't argue their selection of lefty Steve Carlton.  The southpaw was honored for surpassing Bob Gibson as the all-time leader in strikeouts for the National League.  He accomplished the feat by whiffing TWELVE Expos over TEN innings!  Carlton actually got a no-decision as that game lasted seventeen innings (and the Phillies lost).

You have to love this action shot.  The torque in his arm as he comes crashing forward...beautiful!

The Story
I'm making no bones about it - I'm a total noob when it comes to shopping for single cards outside of a card shop. I was so excited to get this project going I turned to eBay. Although I already owned two of the six "highlight" cards in the set, I figured buying the whole six would cut down on shipping and handling costs.  So a bit of brief haggling with kevi-gear netted me the first six cards of the set. He did  a great job in sending the package quickly!

The Price
With card price and S&H, I paid $6.66, meaning Carlton set me back $1.11.  I think this is probably more than I should have spent.  I'm open to suggestions in the comments on where to go when buying singles.  I just discovered COMC but I don't know how to use it yet.

The Condition
It's in great shape minus the ever-so-slight fraying in the top left and bottom right corners.  It was protected well in the mail.

The Verdict
I'm so pumped to be posting card #1!  I think it's awesome, if not a bit expensive to get things rolling.

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  1. Give me a shout if you want to buy a lot of 82 singles.....